Carried Home Safely

Posted: January 2, 2008 in Adoption
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Happy New Year! During the holidays I started reading a new book, Carried Home Safely written by Kristin Swink Wong. The book had been recommended on the Henderson’s blog, another family adopting from Taiwan. Just in reading the first few chapters, I find that I can already relate to many of the family’s thoughts and questions about adoption. In one chapter, Wong talks about the bond between a parent and child, and understanding the special connection that even adopted children have with their parents.

“For many adults, adoption still seems a weak way of building a family. Surveys report that many think of adoption as the second-best way to have children, with resulting relationships that must be fragile — better than being childless, perhaps, but not as good as having birth children. Adoptive families cry out against these perceptions.”

Wong says that the bond between parents and children, both adopted or biological, consists of more than just genes. Adopted children are ours by God’s plan, and that adoption itself is a picture of our own relationship to God:

“We do not become God’s children by biology, but we can indeed be “born of God” into his family. The way to become God’s child is by faith: Those who believe in his name become his adopted children. Adoptive families know something about the need for faith, as we stake so much on the belief that we will love for our whole lives someone who is not biologically related to us. . .

. . .We should not forget that we are brought into God’s family at great cost. The faith and promises and spirit of sonship can all be realized because, to secure our adoption, Jesus was willing to humble himself, become human and impoverished, and experience scorn, isolation, pain and execution. Adoption comes with a cost.”

I am excited at what God has in store for our family and I pray for God’s blessing on our journey to bring our little one home.

  1. Judy says:

    We hope and pray that your adoption journey will be short to bring your little one home.

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