Adoptions Declining

Posted: December 2, 2007 in Adoption

This story was surprising, since just a month ago we posted that international adoption was surging.   The latest statistics show that international adoption rates have declined in the last two years from an all time high in 2004.    Causes cited in the article include increasing restrictions on foreign adoption in countries such as China and Russia.   From the AP article:

”A drop in international adoptions is sad for children,” said Thomas Atwood, president of the National Council for Adoption. ”National boundaries and national pride shouldn’t get in the way of children having families.” . . .

She [Elizabeth Bartholet, Harvard professor] said China and Russia reflected a trend in which countries opened themselves up to international adoption, then scaled back. She attributed this in part to UNICEF and other international organizations encouraging countries to care for children within their homeland, even when domestic programs such as foster care might be inadequate.

We should be praying this Christmas for children without a family in other countries.  And we should pray that government officials will do what is right and put children first.

  1. Rebecca says:

    I read this and was both surprised and disappointed… I do think the reasons why are very political, and how sad that it’s at the expense of children ever finding families.

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