Squeaky Shoes

Posted: October 6, 2007 in Uncategorized

For months I have been reading posts on the Yahoo adoption bulletin boards about “squeaky shoes”, posted by families traveling to Taiwan or China.  It seemed a bit odd – people really want to find these shoes, and I could not imagine why. 

Well, today I finally figured it out.  Squeaky shoes are just that.  They are shoes with a special squeak to help toddlers learn how to walk.   I must admit that I am not sure I would want my children wearing shoes that squeak with every step.  But some parents rave about these shoes and children apparently are so intrigued by the squeak that they literally watch their feet while walking.  According to one description of the shoes, children have to walk from heel to toe in order for the shoe to squeak, which helps kids learn to walk correctly (as opposed to walking on their toes all the time)

I have read that you can find these shoes for as cheap as US$3-5 in Taiwan.  They cost a bit more to buy them from the China Direct Store but not much more than what I would pay for shoes at Target.  Maybe I should buy a pair or two and see whether our kids like them.  And if the squeaker drives me crazy, the website says it is possible to disable the contraption with a little bit of tape or glue. 

  1. Rebecca says:

    I know – everyone is crazy about squeaky shoes. My friend that adopted from China showed me her daughter’s squeaky shoes. I must admit, they are very cute, and the concept of teaching babies to walk is a good idea. I think the squeakers can come right out of the sole pretty easily. 🙂


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